PPI Claims: What To Do After Discovering You Were Alternatively Redressed

According to investigation results, UK’s banks, including Barclays, Lloyds and RBS, have used a regulatory provision to reduce the amount of refunds for a PPI. You might have received £2780 for your mis sold PPI policy but this might not be enough repayment on your part. Here are a few ways to see if you were given alternative redress.

1. Refund Documents
Banks will issue a receipt regarding the breakdown of your PPI refund. Look for anything that indicates “alternative redress” or “comparative redress.” From here you will see deductions as they have replaced your single-premium policy with a regular premium, which has a lower amount.

2. Call
You could also call your bank and ask them if you were given alternative redress. Ask them to process your complete payment for you if they have made this mistake. Show documents, such as billing statements and your insurance contract to indicate that you owned a single-premium PPI policy with an estimated amount that is due for you.

3. Financial Ombudsman
In case the banks do not agree to help you get your complete refund, you could have the Financial Ombudsman help you in this situation. Despite the possible slowdown with the thousands of claims the FOS receives, you are highly-likely to be upheld in your claim.

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Skills to Develop To Boost Your Career Potential

So you’ve finally landed on a good job that you really want. Congratulations to you. However, this is just the first part of your life outside the university. Work might sound simpler than writing a thesis or research paper, but it is quite difficult if you do not have the following skills to help you in your career.

1. Time Management
Cramming won’t cut it in the real world. If you are given a task, it is important that you put them in an organizer and arrange them according to priority. The workplace is more dynamic with changing schedules. Think of it as writing your term paper for the end of the term then finding out the deadline shifted two weeks earlier. Strictly observe time management and you can have a less-rough ride in the real world.

2. Focus
Step off the internet for a while. Unlike in school where you can just re-submit your project or paper the next week with deductions, the real world is not so forgiving. You could miss potential client meetings if you do not focus in making a proper business proposal. Without focus, you could also miss deadlines.

3. Punctuality
It is important that you stay punctual because it could cost you suspensions and pay if you are often late for work. The hours of late you have accumulate and your employers only need minutes to consider giving you disciplinary action for your tardiness.

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The Quest for Finding the Perfect Job

Sure, having the best kind of job for yourself may seem impossible and you might say I’m just lucky, but I actually found the perfect job because I did some research. There might be a bit of luck involved, but I also used the following to ensure I will keep myself and my employer interested in my job advancement.

1. Build Your Portfolio
Employers of your dream job will never hire you if you do not have experience in the field. Even if it is a highly industrial job, such as architecture, foremen or seaman, you can never get into a higher position without building your portfolio. Start with a job opportunity in the lower levels that would lead the road to your dream job or position.

2. Show Dedication
I’ve come to terms with the reality of life; regardless of any job I can get, there will be hassles and something I will deeply reject in the course of my employment going to the top. It might be irritating superiors, unfair employers and questionable ethics. However, if you only focus on the prize and your productivity, you can prevail if you avoid complaining. But if what is being asked of you is impossible, like what happened at my previous opportunity, then skip that chance.

3. Take Initiative
Employers see your interest to the job when you share ideas that can further the interests of the company in expansion, increasing profits or inventory and other things. Ideas are priceless and if you take initiative, your employers will reward you adequately for your efforts.

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What Actually Increases Home Property Value

Homes have different values depending on their style and category in the market, but improving your house by changing the tiles, adding appliances and other furniture, will never increase its value. According to real estate brokers, here are some factors that increase home property value.

1. Neighbourhood
The main point in business is the demand for a product in terms of its performance. If your home is situated near offices or popular workplaces, then it has as high value as the offices and popular properties situated therein. A neighbourhood that is near slums or is surrounded by slums has a low property value and is less likely to gain value in the next few years.

2. Category
An ancestral home is not in a similar category as townhouses or condominiums simply because it is a family shelter heirloom. A house with two bathrooms is also another form of house. These categories change in prices because of the demand from them. When price bubbles grow and your house’s category is included, you could get a very high price for such.

3. Projects
Investor neighbourhoods often increase in value because the investors encourage businesses to establish their businesses beside the neighbourhoods, which increase the property sales for newly-developed neighbourhoods. If you plan to sell your house, wait for investors and developers to announce any likely project near your neighbourhood. It can increase your property prices effectively.

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Getting Employed According to Speciality

To gain the confidence of interviewers, dressing properly and having confidence in yourself is the key to gain their trust and endorsement of you to the proprietors. However, there is more to every occupation than just merely dressing up properly

1. Selling Yourself
If you applying for a marketing position, dressing yourself properly, speaking in a proper fashion and knowing greatly about body language and facial communication will show interviewers and employers that you are capable for the job even before you speak. For every kind of occupation there is a different way to sell yourself.

2. Outwitting the Competition
For more routine-based positions, such as engineering in both industrial and information technologies, showing that you have great knowledge in terms of your own strengths and weaknesses and indicating your qualities that make you unique from your other competitors for the position is the key. Some employers make use of tests and practical examinations to help you prove this point.

3. Genuine Care and Concern
For medical and caregiving professions, a health professional is more than just somebody who could save the lives of people. Superiors will be looking for your caregiving qualities, such as how you would talk to a patient, how will you encourage them to live their life and ensure they take preventative measures for the betterment of their health.

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The Value of Networking for Freelancing Graduates

Working as a freelancer is one of the choices graduate students have if conventional employment chances look dim. Companies and businesses are looking for people who could do without other expenses in their work. However, to ensure that jobs are flowing freely into your freelancing effort, you’ll need to network.

1. Attend Conventions
It does not necessarily have to be a freelancing convention, but attending conventions and seminars in your respective industry and talking to people who work in the same profession as you, regardless of company background, helps in building connections. You might even talk to proprietors who are in need of freelancing and consultant help.

2. Bid for Projects
Online, you could find forums for freelancers respective of industries. You could only build your freelancing portfolio only if you’ve worked on enough jobs in such websites and forums. Always bid for projects aggressively. Ensuring you have a stable flow of jobs ensures your income and ensures your portfolio is growing effectively. If you fail to bid on a job, you could form connections with the requester of the job especially if he or she had considered you to be a second option.

3. Adequate Fees
Some companies go to freelancers because they cost less than the average employees and companies do not have to provide insurance or other responsibilities to such employees. However, do not set higher professional fees for your services as this defeats your appeal for companies who could tie you up in their present and future projects.

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Gaining Confidence From Your Interviewer

In a job interview, the interviewer’s confidence is the first thing you want to have because he or she represents the company. By learning how to talk and using body language to your advantage, you could gain your interviewer’s confidence.

1. Dress Properly
Suit up or dress up in a neat, office appearance. Don’t appear as someone going to a fashion show, but someone with a simple taste in clothes but is sharp enough to know which ones will fit the occasion. Dressing up properly shows your interviewer that you plan ahead and are very organised.

2. Eye Contact
When talking with the interviewer, make it a point to talk directly at them maintaining eye contact. This is highly important; with consistent eye contact you are actually showing respect to your interviewer.

3. Gestures
As much as you can, limit the movement of your hands when talking. Gestures, when used properly, could emphasize certain terminologies or points in your answers, but avoid using them too much that they are becoming distracting.

4. Posture
Maintain a good posture. Sit up straight and in an alert way. Never slouch or show any sign that your body is relaxed. However, never show a sign that your body is tense either. A good posture that shows professionalism and discipline is the key.

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How to Cope With Underemployement

Given the employment opportunities in many countries today, most graduates will need to keep their skillsets in their pocket and swallow their pride in underemployment. Underemployment might kill all the passion in an employee working at a lower level of expertise. If you’re underemployed, here are a few ways that could help you cope with the situation.

1. Money for Food
If you know which kind of career ladder you want to climb, it is important to understand that you must start at the bottom of the food chain. You are only underemployed if you are working in a career that has you end up in a future occupation that you do not want at all. If you’re only paying your dues with your job, it would be wise to avoid being regularized or working for more than two years in such an industry.

2. Networking
Network and talk to people who are inside the industry you want to be involved. Musicians who want to play music for a living need to network with venues and people to climb such a profession. Attend events and seminars that involve your profession because you might meet people who could help you get started.

3. Volunteer
The best way to gain experience, which is needed in most well-sought careers today, is to volunteer for positions that help you make use of your skillsets. You could start small and unpaid, but as people and companies recognize you and your work in the industry involved, you could break the cycle of unemployment.

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Why Students Have the Right to be “Choosy”

Italy’s unemployment numbers are quite high, especially for those aged between 15-25 years old, but the vacant jobs available amount to thousands ranging from factory work, tailoring and baking. Authorities have condemned the Italian youth for “snubbing” the prospects, showing that they are not “hungry” enough to work.

The Italian youth might seem elitist and snobbish, but if one thinks about it, it might also be the problem of the country’s educational system. Not just in Italy, but in the rest of the world. Every country in the world nearly has 10-50% of its population underemployed. Underemployment is only a short-term solution; companies want people working for them and these people should want to stay in their jobs.

What might be wrong with the educational system is that it does not prepare the student to face the reality of the world’s economy today. Students are only given a specific skillset when they graduate, but they never learn the ability to improvise or adapt to underemployment effectively.

An engineer who passed all his or her clearance exams will not want to work in a fast food chain or do manual work in factories. His or her education places him or her above such classes of work. Doctors wouldn’t want to work in clothing lines even with their dexterous hands that were trained to stitch wounds, not clothes.

This is why students have the right to be choosy. Not unless they are taught to cope with underemployment effectively, they have the right to demand a job that suits them.

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Work at Home Jobs for the Undergraduate

A working undergraduate could get the minimum units required to provide time to do work and earn money. Work at home jobs made possible by the Internet could help the undergraduate provide for him or herself while concentrating on their academic work. Here are a few of such jobs.

work at home

1. Web Design
Anybody in any kind of profession could learn basic web design. Unless you are looking for something specific, a basic website designing skill could earn you $200 a month online. You could still do practice and earn more though.

2. Copy Writer
Search engine marketing and other Internet advertising ventures actually pay great online. If you have found a formidable online company that you could work with, your persuasive skills put into writing and good grammar can help you earn a decent sum as a copywriter. Brush up on your English and learn about you target audience.

3. Search Engine Optimization
For many Internet users, search engines are the key to finding information. Search engines have different algorithms. While they might seem complicated, a few gumshoe researches could help you figure out how to make a website friendly to search engines. Buying a book and studying SEO during the summer so you could work during your off-hours from school can give you back more than $500 monthly if you are good at it.

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