The Political Origins of British Education’s Troubles

In almost every school in the world including the United Kingdom, grades are a huge factor to seeing success in one’s career. If one couldn’t cope with good grades, one cannot completely say he or she has succeeded.

But the issue is that some students succeed through different factors including their raw talent and capabilities. Other unseen factors include working their way to get an education and supporting themselves.

This is where our government lacked in support. The removal of maintenance grants had made it big trouble for working students with student loans to pay off their lifetime of high repayments.

The new plans to reinstate the Education Maintenance Allowance proves that the research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) was true. It increased the number of youths without education to having one.

If the proposed Higher Education Bill can get passed, these children realising their potential through education and a better means of life would have the power to raise their fees by performing well in their respective courses.

While today, difficulties and issues can be spoken about education, if the political system and the government itself can help children that want and need education,  then improvement should be spoken about.

The plans to introduce universal public childcare and universal public childcare and guaranteed smaller class sizes is a welcome place to start.

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Three Ways Critical Thinking Can Help Overcome Your Writing Trouble

Think outside the box. Educators often tell students to think outside and see things from a different perspective. The irony is everyone only has one perspective.

But the trick is the educator wants you to think of things from your perspective. Think critically is more the appeal.

If you’re about to write your term paper or finish up your research paper, make sure to keep these three things in mind to ease up the burden.


Keep Reading

If you’re a fan of reading then congratulations – you know how to think critically and react to certain situations and topics.

If not? Well, you have to start doing such.

Students who are active readers understand how writers of any genres build their arguments. Why are people furious against Twilight? Why do they praise Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? It involves seeing the perspective of the author, the organisation of their content and simply the author’s thinking processes.

React To News

People react with today’s news immediately. If you have no reaction, then you might need to do research regarding the issue. Once you have, with all your data on hand, what do you feel it is trying to tell you?

Upon seeing the last-minute change of heart of Leave voters as they jump to Vote Remain regarding the issue of Brexit, did you think the death of a lawmaker had affected all these? Is there sufficient data to prove the West is moving towards an anti-establishment stance?

These are just a few things that are truly helpful in understanding critical thought.


Ask yourself about the arguments of the writer in the books or articles you’ve read. See the efficiency of the evidence they presented.

Understand how the writer is connecting their ideas and how they evaluate their information.

In this manner, you could begin to write. Don’t be afraid. Write the first thing you think about and everything else will follow suit.

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North East Scotland School Students Nervous On Multiple Knife Incidents

Several accidents across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray had scared off plenty of students attending different schools and universities in the area.

Bailey Gwynne died last October at the hands of a Cults Academy student who stabbed him repeatedly. The boy has been imprisoned for nine years.

A schoolboy took a knife into Milne’s High School in Fochabers. Another teenage schoolboy had carried his knife into Fraserburgh Academy.

Meanwhile, a 16-year-old boy in Turriff had admitted assaulting a schoolboy and carrying a weapon.

Several other instances had forced the Aberdeen City Council’s education vice-convener to grow concerned over the increasing number of students afraid to go to class.

Councillor Alan Donnelly said there were two to three incidents involving students in the lat few months.

“We have got to get the message across that there’s zero tolerance. It’s a sad reflection really that young people still think it’s OK to carry knives after what happened at Cults Academy.

“And you get them (pupils) saying things like they weren’t going to use it, well why carry it if you’re not going to use it? Are they being intimidated, are they trying to intimidate someone?

“Teachers are very nervous, we are a very nervous education authority because of that incident (Bailey Gwynne), which is understandable.”

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Would You Let Your Kid Go To A Haute Home School?

Everywhere is a classroom when you’re doing home-schooling. Now, it’s becoming a trend. In the United States, home schooling is becoming a popular alternative to private schools for most children. At any given day. The perks are that they can learn from anywhere at any time.

This also makes for an involved learning experience. According to parents, such as Susan Danziger of Ziggeo and venture investor Albert Wagner, their children are home-schooled because their home, the neighbourhood and their city becomes their classroom. This allows them to apply their learnings everywhere.

“The way we do home schooling is that they may be going all around town. Things happen in and out of the house,” explained Ms. Danziger, who is 51. For example, her 16-year-old daughter Katie is currently participating in a computer and science program at the American Museum of Natural History.

However, these are individuals who can afford to send their kids to private schools. Instead, they purchased property where almost every room is like a classroom. And with such, everywhere is a learning experience.

Perhaps the clearest notion of home-school’s failure is well-illustrated in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsey Lohan plays a home-schooled-in-Africa student who just doesn’t understand high-school life.

It can also take up so much time for parents to focus on their children’s education poring over worksheets, textbooks and examinations. You’re also going to have to stay with your children for more hours on end.

But then again, it depends on how parents and children find home schooling, if it is for them or not at all.

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China Tones Down Elite Education

Due to increasing western influences in private and elite education Chinese schools, Beijing is attempting to tone down and reduce the costs of elite education to reduce the growing gap in education quality.

New elite schools with higher costs are offering world-class education to prepare Chinese children for education and employment worldwide. Beijing is worried that western perspectives may cause havoc in its education system.

According to Beijing No.4 private school Program Principal Shi Guopeng, government officials don’t want to see many students going abroad.

Beijing had stopped approving and providing international programs. Shanghai had placed programs with reduced fees to the level of ordinary Chinese schools to standardise. The reduced costs have compromised their operation standards.

According to Shanghai educators, international education isn’t being encouraged now. The changes in costs is a “nice way” of saying it has to stop.

Once, the Shanghai municipal education commission said international curricula could help improve China’s education system. International curricula in schools must include Chinese history and morals education if it operates.

About 459,800 Chinese students studied overseas as the programs flourished. The outflow, according to observers, showed how China’s ordinary schools were inadequate. It would also mean plenty are seeing the ways of the Communist Party and its priorities as conflicting with theirs.

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Would You Let Your Child Attend To Ginger Spice’s School?

Geri Haliwell of the all-time famous UK female supergroup Spice Girls is to discuss her proposals for opening a free educational institution with the Department for Education.

Haliwell, who had launched designer clothing ranges, children’s books and other institutions, said:

“I believe in education. It’s an empowering fundamental human right that everyone deserves. Education is a foundation for life.”

A DfE Spokeswoman confirmed the meeting but said the plans with Haliwell are still at an early stage.

Working With The DfE

Haliwell is among the hundreds applying to open a free educational institution in the United Kingdom. Encouraged by the government, the free schools program succeed when the planners find a proper location, planning permission and sufficient backers for their curriculum and educational efficacy.

Ginger Spice plans to open her school in north London by 2018.

Five Hundred More Free Schools – Cameron

The DfE has an official statement about free schools.

“Free schools are giving thousands more children the access to an excellent and innovative education and we welcome applications from all groups interested in setting one up. All applications are rigorously assessed and must meet our high standards before approval can be given.”

According to British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Conservative party conference, his target is 500 more free schools to add along with the 252 in the United Kingdom and 52 in due process.

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“Ethical Dramas” Oversimplified By International Students

Ethics training on international and US students are streamlined in most universities. But according to the journal Science and Engineering ethics, there’s a difference between the two as to how they approach ethical decision-making, biases and compensatory strategies. Ethical research conduct has become questionable for most international students.

Asians, mostly had a low level of ethical decision-making as they oversimplify dilemmas. However, according to industrial and organisational psychology PhD student Logan Steele in The University of Oklahoma, Asian students and other international students are quite unfamiliar with US’ cultural and interpersonal norms.”

Most Asians, according to Steele, rely heavily on “rules, guidelines, and principles” that resolve  with “less ambiguous” results.

Ethical dilemmas involve using unethical methods to achieve outcomes of ethical decisions. Most US students focus on positive results. Meanwhile, international students tend to focus on results intended rather than methods or positive contribution.

The study suggests that instructors and educators must respect the alternative styles of international students during research.

Ethics involves doing research and studies where moral ground is not compromised. The rule of law must not be violated and all methods will involve not killing a life to achieve positive or negative results.

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Nearing Retirement? You Could Still Get Employed If You Wanted To. You Just Need Three Things

Despite the alluring promise of a grand retirement as soon as you hit your middle age, people who are supposed to have retired still continue to work. Would you like to work during your retirement? Don’t ever think that you don’t have what it takes. Here’s three key employment tips that can help you!

  1. Credit For Your Knowledge

Even the best business start-up sellers work during their retirement as consultants. Consultants have credit for their knowledge. Their deep personal experience helps them become qualified to succeed at their jobs.

If you think your experience is still lacking upon retirement, you could enrol in certification programs or have third party credentials. If you’re a creative, build your portfolio and you’ll be amazed with the demand of work waiting for you.

  1. Offer Your Service

Nobody will know that you’re a retired person seeking an occupation or job that would make the best use of your abilities. It would be wise to rebuild your resume and express your career values. Upload them to the headhunting websites of your choice.

  1. Technology

Retirees are scared of their technology gap. But the best way to overcome it is to jump right into it.

Computer and technology training programs are available for free online. You won’t even have to enrol. Video streaming websites even offer these courses for free (or you could create your own playlist).

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Five Ways To Sustain Your Finances As A Student

With the high college fees and with repayment to worry about, the average student graduating from a reputable public or private university has more to worry about their household spending. Unfortunately, it’s a necessity. So here are five ways to sustain your finances as a student. All it takes is a little pro-activity and discipline.

  1. A Weekly Budget

Always make sure to check your weekly budget. Assess how much allowance you have daily, weekly or monthly. Work within your spending. Don’t’ go overboard.

  1. A Need and Want

Here’s what separates the disciplined from the ill-disciplined. Know which items you need and want. When buying things, never let yourself get anything you do not need at the moment.

  1. Learn About Loans, Financing and Student Benefits

Knowing about student loans, credit scores and other sources of financial relief such as student benefits helps you gain access to things that could possibly relieve you of your financial burden.

  1. Student Sources of Incomes

Check to see if you’re eligible for a scholarship or grant. Read about part-time jobs and how much tax you might owe. Don’t let an opportunity to lighten your financial load pass up.

  1. Take Care Of Your Money

Set your priorities straight. Don’t let your money go into places where they wouldn’t reap you any benefits. This develops your sense of financial discipline, which can make future saving easier for you.

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Why Do Students Need Wifi in Campus? [Infographic]

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