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Moving Home Advice – Don’t Get Stressed, Get Prepared With These Top Tips

When we moved house back in August last year, we started packing in May and we’ve just found the Ikea (Special screws) for the bookcase and it’s now January the following year! So all in all the moving process has … Continue reading

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PPI News: How Long Can Banks Hold?

The Financial Services Authority may consider the deadline the next year for the making of PPI claims, but how long can the banks hold their compensation package so that it does not increase? Analysts say that within the year, the … Continue reading

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What Do Most Students Actually Learn in College

College is an integral part of education and is the springboard to one’s chosen career option following at least 4-5 years of studying and learning the disciplines required for the profession. But what most students actually learn in college is … Continue reading

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Great Ways to Practice Time Management

For any undergraduate or graduate student, it can be very difficult to manage time with the many academic and social activities they attend to. An easy way to successfully practice time management is to make a list and note down … Continue reading

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