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North East Scotland School Students Nervous On Multiple Knife Incidents

Several accidents across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray had scared off plenty of students attending different schools and universities in the area. Bailey Gwynne died last October at the hands of a Cults Academy student who stabbed him repeatedly. The boy … Continue reading

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Why Do Students Need Wifi in Campus? [Infographic]

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Why Students Have the Right to be “Choosy”

Italy’s unemployment numbers are quite high, especially for those aged between 15-25 years old, but the vacant jobs available amount to thousands ranging from factory work, tailoring and baking. Authorities have condemned the Italian youth for “snubbing” the prospects, showing … Continue reading

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What Do Most Students Actually Learn in College

College is an integral part of education and is the springboard to one’s chosen career option following at least 4-5 years of studying and learning the disciplines required for the profession. But what most students actually learn in college is … Continue reading

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