Harvard Is Now Teaching Architecture As a Liberal Art

Getting tired of doing a draft for a building because you couldn’t express yourself? Maybe it’s time to go overseas and study in Harvard.

The Harvard Garduate School of Design takes a new twist with their new Architecture studio course. Instead of focusing primarily on industrial design, the course would concentrate in teaching about the History of Art and Architecture.

While many Bachelor of Architecture courses in different universities would disagree, teaching Architecture as thinking in its own form of liberal arts practice, and focusing on the technical aspect of the practice, will help complement and reinforce one another, as Harvard expects.

Harvard has long planned to create its own Architecture studio course. Most students looking to learn Architecture had to transfer to MIT.

The new course will introduce the first cross-disciplinary approach called “Transformations” and “Connections”, which would teach students a common design language.

Student response to the program has been very positive so far. Many are interested in the foundational studies of Architecture. The program aims not just to prepare students for professional practice, but treat the practice as something belonging to the liberal arts.


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Education Secretary Stresses That Fundamental British Values Should Be Taught

UK Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said to British MPs that schools should not fold from teaching “fundamental British values” in the school system. She stressed that “different ideologies” should still be present in schools. The response came after five Birmingham schools had done special measures to combat Islamist Extremism in “Trojan Horse” schools.

The education controversy began when schools became concerned with Islamist educators inflaming student ideologies resulting to school staff mistrusting other educators. UK education watchdog Ofsted said that “safeguarding students” remains a legitimate concern” to maintain rapid and sustained progress in UK education.

According to Morgan, schools who do not uphold British values allow people with different ideologies to push their own ideologies across. Implementing “mutual respect”, “equality”, “democracy” and “tolerance” should be “woven” into the curriculum, says Morgan.

The Commons education committee reported highlighted some unqualified school staff that were unqualified for the subjects. Most UK schools are suffering from “unbalanced curriculums” in the schools. Morgan stressed that action has been taken to ensure the balancing of internal school academic systems. She also said that disciplinary procedures against staff committing this act had been enforced.

Morgan iterates that the five Birmingham schools are not victims of academisation or lacking local government finance.



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UK’s Decreased College Funding Could Increase Skills Gap

A new education loans system in the UK will decrease funding for higher level courses, which could see a large drop in students attending college in the country.

This new system could also widen the skills gap, according to analysts.

A consultation document the UK government submitted in June concerns advanced learning loans, which would cut the adult skills budget by 40% by 2015 to decrease pressure against the Treasury with an increase of private funders offering higher-level qualifications.

The proposals of the consultation document highlighted the funding and regulation of higher education qualifications below degree level. The Skills Funding Agency rather than the Higher Education Funding Council for England will fund these qualifications.

Colleges will be severely affected given that it will underdevelop many higher education programmes in existence. Most higher education programmes train people with specific skillsets for specific industries. The programmes will be unlikely to attract funding similar to what it received from the Council.

The consultation also said that maintenance loans for higher-level programmes should be introduced, but it does not make clear if students will still be eligible for maintenance grants.

Analysts said that this new proposal, along with the increases in college tuition fees will make the educational situation in England worse.


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University of Leicester Affordable for Most Freshmen and Sophomores

College education can be very expensive with horror stories of students and families buried in expensive educational debt for years after their graduation. Included in these expenses are board and lodging, daily consumables and pocket money. However, according to financial institutions, the University of Leicester is the most affordable.

Freshmen in Leicester are expected to only spend £196 on an average week. The amount includes their rent, food and university supplies, bus pass, and even includes their £15 for five pints of beer and £14 for two bottles of wine. Freshmen and sophomores could decide to live outside, which is cheaper than living in halls. It also reduces the total spending to £169 a week.

Next to the University of Leicester, the University of Nottingham and Cardiff, which only has freshmen and sophomores spend only £207 and £227 respectively, are also good options. The amount also lessens when students consider living off-campus, again including more than just a student’s basic needs such as beer and other amusement funds.

The first few years of college is a deciding factor to which college to attend to for many new students.

Average UK student has increased to £19,000 in the last year a 14% increase from the earlier years. The debts may fluctuate between the amount, including having an additional £200-300 on some occasions. For second year students, the debt is higher at £22,000-23,000 on average.


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Keeping Up a Positive Attitude Even When You Do Not Like Your Job

At least majority of the population in the world today are underemployed from their degrees. People working a job that they have no love for could affect their productivity and proactivity. However, keeping a positive attitude at work requires self-determination, and a passion to become successful with one’s goals.

1. The Positives of Work
Focus on your job’s positive aspects. If you are in marketing, but you would rather do artworks and earn creatively, focus on the scenery from your desk and inspire yourself. Think of the investments you could make with your money relevant to your end objective. Ask yourself why you need the underemployed job. Enjoy the small privileges, such as free coffee, air-conditioning and others, which could help boost your mood.

2. Talk
Talking to co-workers about your complaints to improving your performance can give you a good mood to work. Finding solutions can help ease the worry and anxiousness that comes with your possible perceived personal incompetence when doing your job. Discuss things, complaints and performance objectively and you will bear fruits of success.

3. Take Control
Remember, the company does not own you completely and you have autonomy over your choices in doing your task. All the company wants is results done in an ethical and proper manner dictated, but the attitude in doing the task depends on you.

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The Three Things You Need To Create a Successful Business Product

If you are not up to get yourself employed to a 9-6 hour work, then you might as well be an entrepreneur. Chances are, you can get greatly satisfying work with better returns. Here are the three things you will need to cultivate your business idea.

1. Innovation
Businesses provide a solution to a problem, and the more innovative the idea, the better. Innovation is the key to good product development. The phone is a communication device that had effectively worked through the years, but after Apple’s design, the phone had evolved into a personal assistant than just a simple communication device.

2. Capabilities
The product idea that you have you must first realize in a prototype, and all capabilities that you had in mind should be present in the product. If the product can provide the innovation potential consumers have been in awe of, then they may be driven away, or may start to look for something else.

3. Aesthetics
Of course, consumers want to see the product fit with them snugly and properly. The product may be effective, but if it is bulky for more than its function, then you have an aesthetics conflict. Aesthetics also helps for better marketing, so be sure to design a product that will be memorable.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Master’s Degree

Professionals looking for better job opportunities will look to a master’s degree for better chances. But is it really worth getting a master’s degree instead of focusing on your current career ladder? Here is a breakdown of its advantages and disadvantages.


Master’s degrees allow you to change from your field into another field of expertise, especially if your earlier degree does not support your current employment. Developing a new expertise allows you better chances at employment in the industry.

Master’s degrees are now important because some prominent senior positions require that you have great knowledge about the industry and the application of your ideas in general. You are also better compensated having a masters or PhD in your degree. Combined with your experience in the industry, companies will rush to hire you.


Masters degrees take much time and money, and becoming increasingly affordable, masters graduates are increasing in number competing for the same position in different companies. It can take at least two years to finish your master’s degree in your desired field, and it may cost tens of thousands of pounds to finish an entire course.

You may also have to take your masters while being underemployed in a job, especially if you are financing your education by yourself.

Some companies also value experience rather than a degree, and some companies offer experience-based recommendation given you work for them for a minimal income but a senior position, which is technically paying them to employ you for recommendation.

Business and entrepreneurship also take the same amount of time and money, but it guarantees that you have a higher and sustainable income if you do will. It has its own risks, but it allows you to compete with the industry, and not in the industry.

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PPI Claims: What To Do After Discovering You Were Alternatively Redressed

According to investigation results, UK’s banks, including Barclays, Lloyds and RBS, have used a regulatory provision to reduce the amount of refunds for a PPI. You might have received £2780 for your mis sold PPI policy but this might not be enough repayment on your part. Here are a few ways to see if you were given alternative redress.

1. Refund Documents
Banks will issue a receipt regarding the breakdown of your PPI refund. Look for anything that indicates “alternative redress” or “comparative redress.” From here you will see deductions as they have replaced your single-premium policy with a regular premium, which has a lower amount.

2. Call
You could also call your bank and ask them if you were given alternative redress. Ask them to process your complete payment for you if they have made this mistake. Show documents, such as billing statements and your insurance contract to indicate that you owned a single-premium PPI policy with an estimated amount that is due for you.

3. Financial Ombudsman
In case the banks do not agree to help you get your complete refund, you could have the Financial Ombudsman help you in this situation. Despite the possible slowdown with the thousands of claims the FOS receives, you are highly-likely to be upheld in your claim.

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Skills to Develop To Boost Your Career Potential

So you’ve finally landed on a good job that you really want. Congratulations to you. However, this is just the first part of your life outside the university. Work might sound simpler than writing a thesis or research paper, but it is quite difficult if you do not have the following skills to help you in your career.

1. Time Management
Cramming won’t cut it in the real world. If you are given a task, it is important that you put them in an organizer and arrange them according to priority. The workplace is more dynamic with changing schedules. Think of it as writing your term paper for the end of the term then finding out the deadline shifted two weeks earlier. Strictly observe time management and you can have a less-rough ride in the real world.

2. Focus
Step off the internet for a while. Unlike in school where you can just re-submit your project or paper the next week with deductions, the real world is not so forgiving. You could miss potential client meetings if you do not focus in making a proper business proposal. Without focus, you could also miss deadlines.

3. Punctuality
It is important that you stay punctual because it could cost you suspensions and pay if you are often late for work. The hours of late you have accumulate and your employers only need minutes to consider giving you disciplinary action for your tardiness.

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The Quest for Finding the Perfect Job

Sure, having the best kind of job for yourself may seem impossible and you might say I’m just lucky, but I actually found the perfect job because I did some research. There might be a bit of luck involved, but I also used the following to ensure I will keep myself and my employer interested in my job advancement.

1. Build Your Portfolio
Employers of your dream job will never hire you if you do not have experience in the field. Even if it is a highly industrial job, such as architecture, foremen or seaman, you can never get into a higher position without building your portfolio. Start with a job opportunity in the lower levels that would lead the road to your dream job or position.

2. Show Dedication
I’ve come to terms with the reality of life; regardless of any job I can get, there will be hassles and something I will deeply reject in the course of my employment going to the top. It might be irritating superiors, unfair employers and questionable ethics. However, if you only focus on the prize and your productivity, you can prevail if you avoid complaining. But if what is being asked of you is impossible, like what happened at my previous opportunity, then skip that chance.

3. Take Initiative
Employers see your interest to the job when you share ideas that can further the interests of the company in expansion, increasing profits or inventory and other things. Ideas are priceless and if you take initiative, your employers will reward you adequately for your efforts.

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