China Tones Down Elite Education

Due to increasing western influences in private and elite education Chinese schools, Beijing is attempting to tone down and reduce the costs of elite education to reduce the growing gap in education quality.

New elite schools with higher costs are offering world-class education to prepare Chinese children for education and employment worldwide. Beijing is worried that western perspectives may cause havoc in its education system.

According to Beijing No.4 private school Program Principal Shi Guopeng, government officials don’t want to see many students going abroad.

Beijing had stopped approving and providing international programs. Shanghai had placed programs with reduced fees to the level of ordinary Chinese schools to standardise. The reduced costs have compromised their operation standards.

According to Shanghai educators, international education isn’t being encouraged now. The changes in costs is a “nice way” of saying it has to stop.

Once, the Shanghai municipal education commission said international curricula could help improve China’s education system. International curricula in schools must include Chinese history and morals education if it operates.

About 459,800 Chinese students studied overseas as the programs flourished. The outflow, according to observers, showed how China’s ordinary schools were inadequate. It would also mean plenty are seeing the ways of the Communist Party and its priorities as conflicting with theirs.

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