The Political Origins of British Education’s Troubles

In almost every school in the world including the United Kingdom, grades are a huge factor to seeing success in one’s career. If one couldn’t cope with good grades, one cannot completely say he or she has succeeded.

But the issue is that some students succeed through different factors including their raw talent and capabilities. Other unseen factors include working their way to get an education and supporting themselves.

This is where our government lacked in support. The removal of maintenance grants had made it big trouble for working students with student loans to pay off their lifetime of high repayments.

The new plans to reinstate the Education Maintenance Allowance proves that the research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) was true. It increased the number of youths without education to having one.

If the proposed Higher Education Bill can get passed, these children realising their potential through education and a better means of life would have the power to raise their fees by performing well in their respective courses.

While today, difficulties and issues can be spoken about education, if the political system and the government itself can help children that want and need education,  then improvement should be spoken about.

The plans to introduce universal public childcare and universal public childcare and guaranteed smaller class sizes is a welcome place to start.

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