Would You Let Your Child Attend To Ginger Spice’s School?

Geri Haliwell of the all-time famous UK female supergroup Spice Girls is to discuss her proposals for opening a free educational institution with the Department for Education.

Haliwell, who had launched designer clothing ranges, children’s books and other institutions, said:

“I believe in education. It’s an empowering fundamental human right that everyone deserves. Education is a foundation for life.”

A DfE Spokeswoman confirmed the meeting but said the plans with Haliwell are still at an early stage.

Working With The DfE

Haliwell is among the hundreds applying to open a free educational institution in the United Kingdom. Encouraged by the government, the free schools program succeed when the planners find a proper location, planning permission and sufficient backers for their curriculum and educational efficacy.

Ginger Spice plans to open her school in north London by 2018.

Five Hundred More Free Schools – Cameron

The DfE has an official statement about free schools.

“Free schools are giving thousands more children the access to an excellent and innovative education and we welcome applications from all groups interested in setting one up. All applications are rigorously assessed and must meet our high standards before approval can be given.”

According to British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Conservative party conference, his target is 500 more free schools to add along with the 252 in the United Kingdom and 52 in due process.

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