Would You Let Your Kid Go To A Haute Home School?

Everywhere is a classroom when you’re doing home-schooling. Now, it’s becoming a trend. In the United States, home schooling is becoming a popular alternative to private schools for most children. At any given day. The perks are that they can learn from anywhere at any time.

This also makes for an involved learning experience. According to parents, such as Susan Danziger of Ziggeo and venture investor Albert Wagner, their children are home-schooled because their home, the neighbourhood and their city becomes their classroom. This allows them to apply their learnings everywhere.

“The way we do home schooling is that they may be going all around town. Things happen in and out of the house,” explained Ms. Danziger, who is 51. For example, her 16-year-old daughter Katie is currently participating in a computer and science program at the American Museum of Natural History.

However, these are individuals who can afford to send their kids to private schools. Instead, they purchased property where almost every room is like a classroom. And with such, everywhere is a learning experience.

Perhaps the clearest notion of home-school’s failure is well-illustrated in the movie Mean Girls. Lindsey Lohan plays a home-schooled-in-Africa student who just doesn’t understand high-school life.

It can also take up so much time for parents to focus on their children’s education poring over worksheets, textbooks and examinations. You’re also going to have to stay with your children for more hours on end.

But then again, it depends on how parents and children find home schooling, if it is for them or not at all.

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