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The UGS Community contains popular features on new developments in UGS and its associated modules, case studies on companies using Pro/E, tips and tricks, and columns on workplace issues and UGS use around the world. The UGS Community is designed to bring together users and advertisers to exchange valuable information needed to make users' jobs easier and more rewarding. Article submissions, conference announcements, and news releases are welcome.

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"As a software developer designing systems for engineering firms, has become an indispensable part of my daily routine. The depth of technical insights and the breadth of topics covered are incredibly valuable. Reading about new technological advances and receiving advanced tips from experienced contributors has significantly impacted my work. EJ Rolph's article on Google penalties was particularly enlightening; it was my first introduction to the concept of SEO consequences for gaming search results. This knowledge has not only broadened my understanding but also allowed me to better advise my clients on navigating Google's guidelines. The community's dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering a space for professional growth is truly admirable. I'm grateful for the wealth of information and the sense of community provides. Keep up the excellent work; your efforts make a real difference in the professional lives of many." Rudy DiGenarro


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About Community

"A successful community serves a clear purpose in the lives of its members, and also meets the fundamental goals of its owners."
Community-Building on the Web
   by Amy Jo Kim

At ConnectPress we believe in community. Our mission is three-fold:

First – by living and studying community, we make a conscious effort to understand and share what makes a community tick.

Second – at ConnectPress we strive to build and share the best tools we can to facilitate community development and enjoyment on the web.

Third – at ConnectPress we either host online communities or offer the tools we use to others so they may host their own communities.




Latest Tips & Tricks


Top 10 Common Mistakes Rapid Prototyping
By Quickparts Get solutions to common rapid prototyping design mistakes.

HP Multi-Core Workstations Enhance UGS NX User Productivity

HP Multi-Core Workstations Enhance UGS NX User Productivity
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Take advantage of multi-core processing in this tip.

HP Resource Collector

HP Resource Collector
By Rick Hohmann, Hewlett-Packard Company Take advantage of the HP Resource Collector in this tip from Hewlett-Packard.

Maximize NX and Teamcenter Visualization Graphics

Maximize NX and Teamcenter Visualization Graphics
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard See how to get the most from Teamcenter and NX's graphical capabilities in this tip from Hewlett-Packard.

Iterative Solver

Iterative Solver
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Take advantage of NASTRAN's Iterative Solver.

Visual Editor

Visual Editor
By Tony Metz Take advantage of powerful NX modeling tools.

HP Helps with I-DEAS Large Memory Configuration

HP Helps with I-DEAS Large Memory Configuration
Submitted by HP Find out how I-DEAS users can extend memory usage with HP's Performance Tuning Framework.

HP Tip for 2007 Daylight Saving Time Extension

HP Tip for 2007 Daylight Saving Time Extension
Submitted by HP In 2007 DST will be extended by four weeks. HP offers updates for UGS users to ensure time accuracy.

Using ug_inspect

Using ug_inspect
By Tony Metz, Metz, LLC This article describes how to use the basic commands of the ug_inspect utility. Get all the useful tips from consultant Tony Metz.

No more 8GB memory limit in NX Nastran

No more 8GB memory limit in NX Nastran
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard offers this helpful tip on how to expand your memory use in Nastran.

Improve Nastran Performance

Improve Nastran Performance
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Enhance Performance and Efficiency With This Handy Tip!

Build Templates in Adobe 3D the Easy Way

Submitted by Lars Olson Here's a handy tip to help you build a custom template in Adobe 3D, save yourself time and aggravation and check it out!

Take Advantage of Dual Processing!
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Dual-Processors can enhance your UGS experience see how!

HP Linux Assistant for NX
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Using UGS in Linux can save you money and improve your system’s performance. HP offers this handy tip to make things easier for you!

Improve Your Graphics Performance!
Submitted by Pamela Taylor For customers that have no problems with their current driver you should consider moving to the latest certified driver for performance improvements.

Get the Most Processing Speed from your Mobile Workstation
Submitted by Hewlett-Packard Learn how to maximize the processing speed of your mobile workstation.

Alleviating PTF, FUD, PDQ.
By Rick Hohmann, Hewlett-Packard Company Fear not this handy workstation system tool HP's Rick Hohmann says as he attempts to dispel myths about HP's Performance Tuning Framework.

Get to Know Your Workstation a Little Better.
By Rick Homan of Hewlett-Packard Want to better know what's happening inside that workstation? Check out this Performance Tuning Framework tip from HP.

HP Offers Tips on Boosting Memory

HP Offers Tips on Boosting Memory
Submitted by HP More customers are running into a problem that CAD users ran into in the days of 16-bit processors: Reaching the limits of an old architecture.

NX Nastran:Use Faster I/O System to get More Performance

NX Nastran:Use Faster I/O System to get More Performance
By Pari Rajaram Hot Tip for FEA analysis helps reveal weaknesses in 3-D models. Remember: Speed = Success

HP Helps You Select the Right Graphics Driver

HP Helps You Select the Right Graphics Driver
By Rick Hohmann With HP personal workstations help in finding the right graphics driver is just a keystroke away.

If it Ain't Broke Doesn't Mean it Don't Need an Upgrade

If it Ain't Broke Doesn't Mean it Don't Need an Upgrade
By Keith Guerin Performance monitoring and system management can determine an older system's needs to help keep it humming right along.

NX Log Analyzer Hits the Spot

NX Log Analyzer Hits the Spot
By Pam Taylor Hot Tip from HP: This Log Analyzer reports important information that can be helpful when diagnosing NX problems or inspecting customize settings.

Introduction to NX3: Base Support Tutorial

Introduction to NX3: Base Support Tutorial
By Louis Gary Lamit Trainer and author Louis Gary Lamit offers this informative tutorial, complete with screen shots and concise directions. A helpful introduction to NX3.

Best Practices in Data Translation

Best Practices in Data Translation
Todd Reade, President, TransMagic, Inc. Here are some tips, courtesy of TransMagic's Todd Reade, for addressing common CAD data translation problems.



Q & A

Submit Questions | Submit Answers

Q1-080610: Hardware requirement for TCE 2007
Can any one suggest what could be the System (HW) architecture required to implement TCE 2007 for approximately 100 users concurrent.
Q1-080606: Communication Failure in TCE 9.1.2
We are running TCE 9.1.2 (DB-oracle in HP-UX, Windows 2003 for Application server).
Q1-080530: Tool File Extraction
This is in reference to the Ideas tool file extraction. The scenario is that Team center is storing ideas file in its database.
Q2-080530: Assembly Documentation
How are the users in the community handling the documentation of very large assemblies?
Q3-080530: Importing SolidWorks to Solid Edge
I have a file from a customer that is a SolidWorks assembly file. I can easily open it in our Solid Edge but it comes in with zero geometry.
Q1-080516: Applying Loads in NX5 (3 ans)
How do I create a distributed loads based upon length (span across) in NX5?
Q2-080516: Customer Defaults in NX5
How can I load a changed Customer Default setting by itself when UGS is started?
Q1-080502: Manufacturing in NX4 (1 ans)
How can I create the NC file in UGS manufacturing for different types of machines show me the process and way to find it?
Q1-080425: Printing in NX (2 ans)
How can I fix an SDI plotting error?
Q2-080425: Splines and Studio Surfaces in NX3 (1 ans)
I am using the pole splines in NX3 with NXN Studio Surfaces.
Q1-080422: Thermal Analysis in NX11
What is the correct method for setting a material heat transfer coefficient value for a thermal analysis model in NX11?
Q2-080422: Knowledge Fusion in NX4 (1 ans)
Does any one know the format for the curve extract function in Knowledge Fusion?
Q1-080418: Drafting Views in NX2 (2 ans)
How do I place a shaded view of a model on a drawing sheet in NX2?
Q2-080418: Teamcenter Client Setup (1 ans)
Can we access Teamcenter database from Customer? If so, what are the required things at the client side ?
Q3-080418: Motion Simulation in NX4
How do you export a video file (mpeg, avi) from motion simulation environment in NX4?
Q1-080416: Motion Simulation of a Spring in NX4
I know that it is possible to model a representation of a spring in motion simulator, but I was wondering if it is possible to actually show a spring being compressed in a simulation.
Q1-080408: Knurled Surface in NX4
How does one apply a knurled surface in NX4?




NVision Expands Contract to Meet High Demand
NVision, Inc. is expanding its Contract Service …

3Dconnexion 3D Mice Now Supported by Nemetschek
3Dconnexion, a Logitech company, announced that its …

Quadra Solutions Wins CADSTAR European Reseller
Zuken’s desktop electronics design solution CADSTAR had …

Stralfors Buys Four Xerox Continuous Feed Systems
Xerox Corporation announced that Strålfors, has acquired …

The Right Move: Siemens PLM Achieves Strong First-Year Gains
Siemens’ $3.5-billion acquisition of UGS in May …

Z Corporation ZPrinter 450 2007 Product of the Year
Z Corporation ZPrinter 450 2007 Product of …

Xerox Turns a Deeper Shade of Green at Drupa
Xerox’s 3,500 square meter stand at drupa …

Two Full Color Production Printing Systems
Océ VarioStream 9240 and Océ ColorStream 10000 …

Zuken Boosts Presence in Defense Market Dealing with MBDA
Zuken’s customer base within the electronics market …

SAP Pinnacle Award for Thought-Leadership Around Enterprise
Global Partner Award Recognizes SAP Partners that …

International Gas Springs, Adds 25-30% New Business as a Res
International Gas Springs (IGS) has reported spectacular …

Laser-Sintering Equipment by Northwest UAV Propulsion System
Laser-sintered plastic parts that Northwest UAV Propulsion …

Microspot Releases 3D Toolbox for Apple Macintosh Computers.
Microspot Ltd.,announced the release of Microspot 3D …

LEDAS Published First Ever PLM Encyclopedia
LEDAS, presented the first edition of «The …

Symmetry Solutions Adds 3D Printing
Symmetry Solutions, announced it has become an …

GKS Improving 3D Laser Scanning Services in its Minnesota Of
GKS Inspection Services, is expanding the capabilities …

Peter Robison, to Keynote at PLM Road Map 2008
CPDA announces that Peter Robison, will join …

Océ Writes the Book on Digital Printing
Océ announced that it will produce a …

Catalog Data Solutions CAD Downloads by Tompkins Industries
Catalog Data Solutions announced that Tompkins Industries …

Elysium Inc. Releases CADdoctor EX3.0 for Product Data Trans
Elysium Inc. announced the release of CAD …

JETCAM Announces AutoPOL Partnership
Both companies will work together to provide …

Boothroyd Dewhurst DFMA Helps Slash Warranty Costs and Boost
Five-year implementation of DFMA software by Hypertherm …

NVIDIA Annonces Eileen Collins to Speak at NVISION 08
NVIDIA announced that Commander Eileen Collins, former …

CCE Upgrades EnSuite
CCE has announced that EnSuite Version 2 … Announces Launch
Nooey Ltd has announced the launch of …



Latest Case Studies

Gearing for Growth
By PARTsolutions How PARTsolutions helped Rockwell Automation provide online parts in native data.

Propel Analysis Time
By Geometric Limited Chrysler powertrain department speeds up time it takes to measure thick and thin wall conditions.

Catalog Data Solutions Case Study: J.W. Winco
By Catalog Data Solutions Read about the key to turning manufacturing website browsers into customers.

3D Printing Metal Parts
By MIT MIT's cutting-edge technology assist ExtrudeHone.

FDM Used in Custom Design
By Materialise Read how this process created a sleek sports car.

Accelerating Architectural Model Development
By Z Corporation Learn how MIT utilized a Z Corporation 3D printer to construct architectural models and offer a new course on digital fabrication in this case study.

Dimension 3D Printer Powers Freedom of Design
By Dimension 3D Printing Find out how choosing a Dimension 3D printer completely changed product development cycles for Black & Decker in this case study.

Advanced, Yet Uncomplicated
Solutions convince equipment company to go 3D--improves speed by 75 percent.

Empowered Engineering
By UGS PLM Solutions UGS Helps Widener Students Compete with Human-Powered Vehicle

Neptec and Dimension Bring Endeavour Home Safely
By Dimension 3D Printing Find out how Neptec helped NASA evaluate damage to a space shuttle's TPS system with the company's Laser Camera System and a Dimension 3D printer.

Submarine Certification from FEA
By Siemens/UGS Case study reveals how submarine receives certification from finite element model.

Airbus Evaluates Friction Stir Welding
By Dr. Paul Colegrove of Cranfield University, UK Dr. Paul Colegrove of Cranfield University, UK, reports on the benefits of FSW and the modeling conducted by Airbus using COMSOL Multiphysics.

University Brings PDEs to Life in Undergraduate Education
Submitted by K. K. Bhatia, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ An undergraduate heat transfer course uses COMSOL Multiphysics to help students design the cooling for a motorcycle engine block.

Solid Edge C'est Bon!
By UGS Read why French VAR calls SE the "complete solution."

Case Study: Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Printed Courtesy of UGS Learn how Lockheed Martin turned to Teamcenter to deliver the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft.

Radan Case Study: Body Builder Gains Strength from Radan
Reprinted Courtesy of Radan Learn how the company, Walter Alexander uses Radan products to design double decker vehicles.

Dyson Scours the Competition
By Dyson and UGS NX assists vacuum manufacturer with design for rapid prototyping.

Data Translation Special Report
By Goodrich Corporation and Translation Technologies, Inc. TTI Rescues Goodrich from Expensive Translation

Translation/Migration Special Report
By ITI TranscenData Learn How CADfix Solves Dana Corporation's Interoperability Issues

Giving the Opera a New Voice
Submitted by Protomold Protomold and Figaro Systems give patrons of the opera a new understanding of an age-old art form.

Reverse Engineering Returns
By Peter Dickin Peter Dickin explains why reverse engineering is making a comeback in this case study.

Boeing Adopts RapidTag
Submitted by Cortona3D Boeing takes advantage of the RapidTag toolbox in this case study.

Eclipse Aviation Soars with PLM Solutions
Submitted by UGS Airplane manufacturer designs and produces extremely affordable jet plane, thanks in part to PLM cost-cutting solutions.

Small Shop Achieves Success with Online PlanRoom
Submitted by IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. This Online PlanRoom met all the criteria this reprographics shop needed for increased print submissions.

New Approaches to Collaboration
Submitted by Adobe Eliminate some common problems when sharing designs with clients. Find out what product this manufacturing company uses.